Well, getting back up to speed took slightly longer than I thought. However, as of this post I am now officially writing in the future, which is fairly exciting. I figure it seems like as good a time as any to go into a little bit of detail on the website itself.

The whole thing is a couchapp being served and rendered entirely by CouchDB. Each post is created as a JSON document in the database. Here's this post, for example. All documents of a certain type are then rolled up into the bytype view. You can then query that view to get recent posts, for example all of the posts in September. Finally, those views and documents are rendered by some database-side Javascript (yes, really) using Mustache templates into the amazing website you see before you.

Obviously a lot of this stuff is really tightly coupled with the CouchDB philosophy. I think Couch has a lot of qualities that make it really great for a site like this, not least of which is that I can have my own local copy of the website and through magic replication, the site just copies itself into production when I'm ready. In fact, you can copy it too! Just point your CouchDB's replicator at the API endpoint.

I've also finally gotten around to putting the code up on GitHub. I'm not sure why that would necessarily be useful to you, but in case you're curious, there it is. Various parts have been floating around since 2011 or so, which is at least four stack trends ago. Feels good to put it up at last.