Brain Sounds

Related to my previous work on brain visualisation and brain sculptures, I've been working on brain, uh... audialization? Whatever the word is, I'm trying to find interesting ways of representing the EEG data with sound.

This one's a fairly direct mapping from EEG frequencies to audio frequencies using a pentatonic scale. 32 synthesizers are playing sine waves with a volume in proportion to the relative power of each corresponding EEG frequency. I had a few other variants using different kinds of mappings (plain linear sounded discordant and weird, exponential sounded relatively normal but creepy), but I think this one is the most promising because it's the least confronting.

I think there are some other interesting areas to investigate by using fewer and more sophisticated measures, and sending those as inputs to a more general music generator function. That'd be less directly related to the EEG signal, but probably leave more room for interesting artistic license.