Values 1


Creativity is more than thinking up ideas. Rather, it's a moment of connection to something more profound. It's as much discovery as it is invention: a glimpse of a distant intersection between ideas, a sudden realisation of a shape felt in darkness, and a voice from beyond that says "hey, you know what might work?"


It's the fascination of a tricky puzzle. The sizzle of a devastating argument. The irresistible pull of the unexpected. It's strength through understanding. Humility through curiosity. Joy through experiment. It's learning what you don't need to know, discussing what you don't need to resolve, and seeking truth just for the thrill of the chase. Intellect is the mind's love of itself.


Sometimes, a thing is good just because it does what it was meant to do. A good shovel shovels well. But who's to say it's a shovel? Maybe it's a prop, and its purpose is to look good without hurting anyone. Every purposeful creation is an expression of the values of its creator, and only those values can tell you if it succeeded. Expression is making something that's your kind of good, and by doing so projecting your values out into the world.