Conventional Wisdom 4: Better late than never

I have a truly prodigious number of unfinished projects, unpublished drafts, and unanswered emails. At a certain point, these things seem to hit a kind of procrastination event horizon where I stop even pretending to work on them. The problem is, they never really go away. Still somewhere in the back of my head I'm thinking "maybe I'll get around to that someday". This month, I'm going to go hunting for some of these dangling threads and attempt to either do something useful with them or cut them loose for good.

To make it more concrete, I have four half-written posts that I started over a year ago and never finished, so I'll finish those. I also have Conventional Wisdom 3 and some related ideas to write up (oops). I'm also going to aim to finish off, or at least push out the door, four currently limbo-ed projects, about one per week. Finally, I'm going to dig through my old emails because I know there's some unanswered stuff in there from years back that I wanted to answer at the time. If anything interesting comes of that I'll write it up.

This seems like a lot, but I'm hoping it will be easier than it sounds because I've already done most of the work. I'm not sure what to expect exactly from this, but I'm hoping that having those old projects put to bed will impart a sense of relief, or at least responsibility. Maybe I will even find that some things I had written off were actually worth coming back to.

Oh, and you may have noticed this is Conventional Wisdom 4 despite being in the 5th month. I originally intended to do it in April, but, uh, that didn't work out. Oh well, better late than never!