I've been preparing to go on holiday soon and things have been fairly hectic as a result. Mostly it's been under control, but as often happens in these situations, a few things went wrong simultaneously and that was enough to bring the whole house down.

I was intending to write something that took way too long and I eventually realised I didn't have time to finish it that day. Further complicating things, I was working on a prototype I wanted to write about that ended up stopping me writing my prototype post for the week. This is classic dependency hell stuff, but it's been hard to avoid even when I see it coming. I think the main thing that would help here is to focus on my old strategy of just writing something even if I won't be able to publish it that day because other things (like prototypes or old half-written posts I want to finish) are waiting.

The other thing I've noticed is that having long stretches of missed posts before catching up seems to be a very what the hell-type symptom. Clearly when I fall behind by a couple days it's harder to motivate myself to write on subsequent days. I have some thoughts about this that I'll write up later, but I think a reasonable observation is that I should try to get a failure post done as quickly as possible when I fall behind so as to get back to a normal situation.