Well, I flagged a return to failposts in my last failure, and not a moment too soon. Things have been a bit shaky since it took so much effort to catch up recently, and when I put off other work to do it the other work tends to return with a vengance later. I think the other part is that I'm still trying to establish a habit of writing in the morning rather than the evening. Previously, I would just stay up late to write if I had to, but I've come to see that as a form of atonement so I'm trying to avoid it. Sometimes that means coming to realise that I've put my writing off for too long and I've run out of time that day.

In positive news, though, this is a much shorter turnaround to get back to caught up than previously, and it hasn't felt like the same level of enormous effort, so I think the strategy I've moved towards is a good one. I'm also trying a bit harder to stick to a red-green-refactor system for writing. Although I can write without it, RGR is faster and I've noticed that taking a long time to write tends to make it easy to fall behind and harder to fix when I do.

So all told I'm feeling fairly positive about this failure. I would prefer not to have failed, but given that I did I'm glad I could recover more quickly than I have been.